Slightly Stoopid

 With a name like Slightly Stoopid, you know the band does not take itself too seriously.  The band, out of California, has quite an interest mix of music that it intertwines.  Among them are blues, hip hop, punk, and acoustic rock.  Although that mix may sound a little odd, it has been a hit with fans, as they have released eight successful albums.  Among those are two different live recordings, which are a great listen given the band's tremendous live acoustic sound.

 In addition to their great acoustic albums, they also released a live electric album and a DVD of one of their San Diego concerts, which took place in their hometown.  They also began their own label in order to have more creative control of their albums, releases, and marketing.  Slightly Stoopid have spent their career touring a lot, a fixture on the festival scene in the United States and making many appearances abroad in places like Japan and Denmark.  They really appreciate their fans and tour often to give back to them for all their years of support. 

The band really prides itself on doing really great live performances.  They do not believe in taking a night off and relaxing a little.  Rather, they believe that they need to really rock hard every single night.  As a result of their dedication, the band has a unique contingent of fans labeled the "Stoopidheads" who often travel to many appearances around the country.

The band will be on tour soon with Cypress Hill and Collie Buddz.  You know that, given how important touring and live performances are, that Slightly Stoopid will put on a rocking show that will be worth the price of admission a few times over.  If you want to see them live and in person, get your tickets here at EventTicketDepot.

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