One of the top reggae bands out there today is SOJA, which stands for Soldiers of Jah Army.  They began in Virginia in 1997, which is not exactly a typical place you would expect a reggae band to hail from.  However, the vocalist and guitar player lived in Africa until he was in the first grade, which may be part of the reason for him leaning toward reggae music.  The band members all met each other either in grade school or in high school, which means that they have known each other for quite awhile.

 Like many bands, they started out by releasing an album independently with their own funds.  This allowed them to get a record deal.  The first album was called Soldiers of Jah Army.  They would eventually be signed by a label and release several albums, among them Get Wiser in 2006.  That album had amazing success on the reggae charts, peaking at number 10 and staying in the top 100 to this day.  That kind of longevity shows what a great album it really was.  Due to the success of that album, the band also recorded a DVD of them performing the songs from that album.  They would later release second DVD of them performing live in Hawaii.

They have released two other albums since then, the last exclusively on iTunes, showing that the music industry is really moving toward an all digital world.  Reggae music has a profound effect on its listener, making them feel happy and relaxing, while simultaneously making them want to dance.  For this reason, people who take the time to listen to reggae music really fall in love with it.

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