Soweto Gospel Choir

 The one type of music that can really bring just about anyone to their feet, clapping in unison is gospel music.  Even for those who are not particularly religious, gospel music can have a profound effect, like the music just overtakes you and fills you up.  For that reason, people love seeing gospel choirs perform.  This has led to many public performances featuring gospel choirs, including in music videos, award show performances, and on television shows.

 One great gospel choir is the Soweto Gospel Choir from Soweto, South Africa.  The choir has 30 members and was founded by Beverly Bryer and David Mulovhedzi.  Unlike some gospel choirs who are strictly into gospel music, this choir also includes reggae and popular music into their performances. 

This choir has had great success, winning two Grammy Awards for Best Traditional World Music Album.  They have also appeared at the Academy Awards to back up John Legend.  They have also sang at the FIFA World Cup and had the distinct privilege of playing for Nelson Mandela.  Certainly that was a great achievement for people from Mandela's home country of South Africa.

The choir's latest album called simply Grace was released in 2010.  It was their first album in three years, given the choir's extensive tour schedule.  For that reason it was quite a hotly anticipated album and critics and fans were rewarded for their patience, as it was another great album.

If you are big fan of gospel music you should consider seeing the Soweto Gospel Choir perform live and in person.  Even if you think that traditional gospel choirs are not really your thing, you might want to considering taking a chance and checking them out. They are so good and so diverse in their musical styling that it will really be like nothing else you have seen or heard.  You can get tickets to see them in concert right here on EventTicketDepot.


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