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 Although they have one of the odder band names, indie band Spoon is a group of quite talented musicians and have been performing all over the world since 1993.  They are originally from Austin, Texas, which has proven to be a great stomping ground for indie rock bands and other kinds of bands as well.  The people of Austin really appreciate good, original music and can be a great place for a young band starting out to get fan support.

 Unsurprisingly, the band was not named for a utensil.  Rather, they got their name from a popular 1970s song called Spoon, which was performed by the German band Can.  They band it made up of Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, and Rob Pope.  They have worked hard together to make great quality music and to perform well in concert.  They consider themselves to be a typical rock and roll band, which means that performing live is one of the key components to their success and what they take the most pride in.

As if their seven albums were not enough to get them the fame they desire, Spoon got some great exposure recently when Conan O'Brien asked them to appear at the Oregon stop of his tour.  This tour has gotten a lot of press because O'Brien went on it after being fired from his job at The Tonight Show.  His touring show has been filled with performances by a lot of great bands, so Spoon fit right in.

If you are a fan of the band Spoon or the indie rock scene in general, you should check out Spoon's tour dates and see if any fit in your schedule.  Like a lot of rock bands, their live performances far outshine their studio work, even though that in and of itself is great.  You should not hesitate to get tickets to see them here on EventTicketDepot.

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