Stagecoach Festival

 Fans of rock music, techno music, rap music, or indie music have little trouble finding a summer festival to attend.  Festivals for all those types of musical genres abound around the country.  It can be more difficult, however, to found a country music festival.  They are quite rare and it is not because there is not an interest in them. 

 In fact, there is an obvious need for this type of show, which is evidenced by the success of The Stagecoach Festival, which takes place each year in Indio, California and is one of the few country music festivals in the country.  Although California may not seem like the central location for country fans, they make the pilgrimage to this event, which has wonderful acts year in and year out.

What is great about the festival is that it includes both up and coming acts, as well as very established and very popular country music acts.  Among the wonderful lineups that they have had in the past, the artists have included Brooks and Dunn, Sugarland, Miranda Lambert, George Straight, Darius Rucker, and Reba McEntire.  They have even gone out of the box a bit and had Kid Rock on stage.  It is this kind of ability to be inclusive that is part of what has made the event so successful.

Outdoor music festivals can be a lot of fun and having one with a country music theme has limitless possibilities.  The event may encourage people to line dance or square dance and you will no doubt see a cowboy hat vendor or two.  One of the great things about country music fans, though, is that they are as different as the artists they love.  While some are the cowboy had wearing type, others are more mainstream in their dress and just love the sound of country music.  It doesn't matter how "authentic" your look is because all are welcome at this festival.

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