Steve Miller Band

 Of all the great rock bands out of the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, Steve Miller Band has shown some of the greatest ability to overcome obstacles.  They began in 1967 with Steven Miller, Barry Goldberg, Shawn Yoder, Lance Haas, and Craymore Stevens.  They started out exclusively as a blues band, playing throughout Chicago at the popular blues clubs of the time.  It was great exposure, which led to them getting a record deal and appearing in concert with some big name groups of the time.

 After only one album, Steve Miller left and went to California to try his hand at psychedelic rock.  He changed some of the members of the band at that time and had great success throughout the late 1960s playing with some very influential acts of the time.

In 1971, the band had another setback, far worse than some personnel changes.  Miller was in a car crash and received a broken neck.  Although there was some concern at the time about his ability to return to recording and touring, he was able to so not too long after and they had a #1 single and platinum record just two years later.  The band would release several more albums over the years, including a greatest hits album in 1978.

Despite the fact that the band still tours together, they have not released a new album of original songs in over 15 years.  The band has also had to deal with a death of one of their members, Norton Buffalo, in 2009.  On a bright spot, the band is releasing a cover album this year.  Interestingly, it will be an album of covers of R&B songs, which harkens back to their earlier days of the Chicago blues scene.

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