Stone Temple Pilots

 It is far too uncommon that those who are gifted with tremendous musical ability and success often end up throwing it all away due to drug or alcohol use.  One band that went down this path was the Stone Temple Pilots.  The band was a big hit starting in 1992 and their first album went eight times platinum, an amazing feat for a debut album.  Their style of rock, which many labeled as grunge or post-grunge was really hot at the time and their arrival on the music scene was perfectly timed.

The members of the group were Scott Weiland, Dean DeLeo and Robert DeLeo (who were brothers) and drummer Eric Kretz.  They all had a lot of success throughout the 1990s and were given countless accolades and awards.  Among them was a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance for Plush.  They also got a lot of radio play and had 16 top ten songs.

The downfall for the band came from lead singer Weiland's drug use.  His erratic and inconsistent behavior caused the band great turmoil.  The band had to cancel a lot of events because he was unable to perform due to drugs.  He also was ordered into rehab on more than one occasion, but he was not initially successful at kicking the habit.  Eventually his drug problems caused the band to separate and the other members went on to other projects.

Several years later in 2008, the band would get back together for a tour.  They were able to put the past behind them and the tour was well-received by fans around the country.  The Stone Temple Pilots have also released a new album this year, called Stone Temple Pilots.  Their return to the simplicity of old is evidenced in the simplicity of the album's name.

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