In the past 20 years, there have not been many country music duos that have had great commercial and critical success.  One of the exceptions would have to be Brooks and Dunn, who did amazing work in the country music world all throughout the 1990s and the first decade of this century.  In the last five or six years, however, a new duo has also done well.  That duo is called Sugarland.  Unlike Brooks and Dunn, which was made up of two men, Sugarland features a woman, Jennifer Nettles, and a man, Kristian Bush.  The combination of their vocals, along with Bush's great skills on the acoustic guitar has made for a great sound.

 Interestingly, when the duo first got a record deal, they were not the duo you see today.  In fact, they were a trio that featured a second woman called Kristen Hall. She departed the group in 2006.  At that point, Sugarland released their second album which garnered them the most success up to that point, including two #1 songs on the charts and a Grammy Award.  Some of their top songs thus far have been Stay, Want to, and Already Gone.

Although they are country singers, both members have their roots in folk music and were involved heavily in that genre before Sugarland came to be.  Jennifer Nettles even fronted a band called the Jennifer Nettles Band.  Bush, too, had his own folk band called Billy Pilgrim.  Those days probably seem like the distant past for Sugarland, who recently had the opportunity to record perform a song with Bon Jovi at the Grammy Awards.  They also recorded a song for the U.S. Olympics team and participated in the remake of We are the World, which benefitted the country of Haiti.

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