Sunday Gospel Brunch

 When people think of Sunday morning, many of them think about going to church.  For many people in this country, Sunday is also a day of feasting with family and catching up on what has been going on with one another for the past week.  It should not be surprising, then, to know that someone came up with the idea to combine church with eating with the Sunday Gospel Brunch.

 Sunday Gospel Brunch is more than just food and gospel, though, it also includes a wonderfully amazing musical performance.  Now, there are different Sunday Gospel Brunch events around the country, including at the House of Blues in Chicago, but probably the best well-known of all the events takes place in New York City.  The singers for the event are the world-renowned Harlem Gospel Choir.  So, while you get to eat an amazing all you can eat buffet of soul food, you are entertained by the amazing music of the choir.

In a way the event harkens back to the dinner theater of decades past, although this event is as loud and crazy as the dinner theater of old was quiet and serene.  At Sunday Gospel Brunch, you are encouraged to stomp your feet, clap your hands, and even get up and dance if the music moves you.  It really is like no other Sunday morning experience that you have ever had.  Although people who attend African-American churches may be familiar with the audience participation type of experience, many people think that church needs to be formal and quiet.  To them, the Sunday Gospel Brunch will be eye-opening.

Even if you are not religious, you can still attend the Sunday Gospel Brunch.  It is still great food and great music, in a fun environment.  If you want to attend Sunday Gospel Brunch, you can get tickets here on EventTicketDepot.

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