One of the great things about attending outdoor music festivals is that you can enjoy the beautiful weather while watching your favorite acts performing.  This can backfire, however, if there is rain or cold during the scheduled dates of the festival.  One festival that you most likely needn't worry about the weather is Sunfest, which takes place in the always sunny and warm West Palm Beach Florida.  The theme of this fest is the meeting of sun and music and you know it will be a lot of fun.

 The event is great because it typically involves a wide variety of music, rather than just one genre like alternative or hard rock.  Some of the great acts that have participated at Sunfest include The B52's, Patti LaBelle, Maze, Five for Fighting, and Smash Mouth.  The festival also does an incredible job of booking less well-known acts that are up and coming.  This gives the bands more exposure, but also benefits the fans that might be able to discover a new favorite group.

Given that Sunfest takes place in the spring, it is a great event for college kids to attend after they complete their year's studies.  Florida is a popular destination for teens and young adults in the summer anyway, so why not combine it with Sunfest?  Don't think that the show is just for young people, however, as the presence of bands like REO Speedwagon ensure that the crowd will have more middle aged members as well.

If Sunfest sounds like a great few days of fun in the sun, you should get tickets to attend.  You can find out the dates of the event, the scheduled lineup and more here on EventTicketDepot.  You can also purchase tickets right here on the site to Sunfest and just about any other music festival that you want to attend.

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