The State of Kentucky is best known for horse racing and for bluegrass music.  It comes as a bit of a surprise then that Louisville, Kentucky is also the birthplace of the band Tantric.  Formed in 1999, the band is post-grunge and their style is fairly heavy, with a lot of guitar emphasis.  The members of the band have released four albums and have sold big since they started.  In fact, their first album reached platinum level in sales.  The top single on that album was Breakdown, which got a lot of airplay.

 Ever since the band started, they have been fortunate to get to tour with a lot of successful acts.  This has helped them get more notoriety and has increased their record sales.  Among the artists that they have toured with are Creed, 3 Doors Down, and Kid Rock.

The band has had some ups and downs internally, despite all of their success.  For example, their bass player left the band in 2005, citing a need to be home more with his family.  There have been several other changes to the band over the years, including one member who left for prison on drug charges.   In fact, of the original members of Tantric, only one is still a member of the band today, Hugo Ferreira.  The current iteration of the band also includes the talented Marcus Ratzenboeck on electric violin.

Tantric's most recent album release was last year and was called Mind Control.  The album was well-received by fans, who have been staunch in their support of the band throughout the years.  It is important for a band to recognize its fans' support and Tantric certainly has done that, but communicating with them through their MySpace page and releasing certain preview tracks to them online.

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