Tennessee Titans

 The Tennessee Titans are an older franchise than their short time in Nashville would make it appear.  The reason for this is that the Titans used to be the Houston Oilers and were in the NFL under that name from 1960-1997.  As often happens when a team is moved after a sale, the name is changed.  In this case, it would not have made sense to keep the name Oilers after moving to Tennessee, given that there are not any oil fields there.  It has happened, though, where teams do keep an old name, even if it is odd for the new location.  For example, NBA team the New Orleans Jazz moved to Utah and kept the Jazz moniker, even though Utah is not known for its jazz music.

 The Tennessee Titans play at beautiful LP Field, which is a fan favorite.  It is a nice stadium for watching a football game.  They have great amenities and fun promotions for families.  Fans are encouraged to bring their kids to the games as it is a really family friendly place.  The Titans logo is a fun one with a T with a flame coming out of it.  It shows the strength and power of the team.

One of the greatest all-time players for the Tennessee Titans was quarterback Steve McNair.  Unfortunately McNair was killed recently, which was a blow to the franchise and the fans, even though he had retired.  The team honored him at the game shortly after his death, which was a nice tribute.

Although the team has not had the success on the field that they and the fans would like, things are looking up for the upcoming season.  If you want to get tickets to see the Tennessee Titans, you can get them here at EventTicketDepot.

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