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 The Texas Rangers, no matter what name they played under, is the oldest team in any major professional athletic league in North America that has never won a championship. They've never even won a pennant! But that's about to change, according to baseball great Nolan Ryan. The team's owners made some moves after the 2009 season. Pitcher Kevin Millwood was sent to Baltimore, and free agents Vladimir Guerrero, Rich Harden, and Colby Lewis have joined the team. Josh Hamilton was moved to left field so that Julio Borbon took his place in center field. Even though they're a team in flux, Josh Hamilton predicted that the Rangers would win an astounding 95 games this year. Can they? Be there to find out!

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In terms of sports, Texas is known the most for its football.  Whether it is the extremely popular high school match-ups that were the inspiration for the Friday Night Lights television show, or its major college football rivalries, football is loved in Texas.  Despite this, baseball still has its place too, although the teams really need to work to get the fans attention.

One of teams that is trying to do the best they can to get the attention of the Texas fan base is the Texas Rangers.  They have been playing baseball in Arlington, Texas since 1972, although they team began in Washington, DC in 1960.  The team took the name "Rangers" after the special police force in Texas that has that name.  It is a show of solidarity with the police, as well as a name that equals power.

The Texas Rangers currently play at the Rangers Ball Park in Arlington, the stadium they have played in since 1994.  Despite some successes over the years, the Rangers have never won a league championship and, thus, never even played in a World Series.  This is disappointing for their fans, as well as the players in the franchise.

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