The Bamboozle

 Each year as the weather gets warmer and the sun shines a bit more each day, various musical festivals begin popping up all over the country.  There are many great festivals that cater to just about any genre of music that you are looking for.  There are rock shows like Lollapalooza and there are also country fests and World Music Fests. 

 The greatest thing about attending festivals is the opportunity to see such a wide variety of acts for one admission price.  Festivals are the best way to find new music and bands to love, and to get to interact with other people who share you music proclivities.  One great festival that also is a lot of fun is The Bamboozle.  This event is held each year in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  It takes places outdoors in the parking lots of the Meadowlands, which is the stadium where the NFL team the NY Jets play at.

Rather than playing it straight and releasing a simple event schedule, the folks behind The Bamboozle like to use a little trickery.  This should be expected, given the name of the show.  The trickery involves a host of interesting characters, many of whom are made up, that release information about the show.  The man in charge is called Willy Wonka.  There is also a character who talks in baby talk that is called Linc.  He "leaks" information about the set lineups in the form of riddles.  If fans can figure out the riddles, they will get a clue as to which bands will be at the show.  These antics are a fun way for the show's creators to interact with fans.

If you want to go to The Bamboozle and see the kinds of bands like OK Go, and Matt & Kim, you should get tickets here on EventTicketDepot.  There will also be a listing of all the acts that will be there, as it becomes available.

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