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The Lion King

Be prepared to be wowed. The Lion King is a musical spectacle to behold. The multi-award winning show is back. This is a unique performance that everyone should see. Based on the Disney classic, The Lion King, this musical is full of animals, drama and action. The story takes us on the journey of Simba as he learns the ways of the jungle and sees what it takes to become its king.You can buy Lion King theater tickets right here at Event Ticket Depot.

 Lion King tickets are available now. Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this amazing show. The scenery and costumes in this show are like nothing else. Each of the animals is actually a puppet being controlled by a dancer or other performer. Their ability to make the puppets seem lifelike is mesmerizing.

The story is one full of lessons that even the youngest child will understand. It teaches about the circle of life and the hierarchy in the animal world. Filled with all the typical Disney elements, The Lion King will make you laugh and cry while you're amazed by the performances around you. While there is a dramatic and serious undertone, the mood is lightened by the antics of Timon and Pumba. All the characters that made this story a classic, shine in their roles.

 If your child grew up in the 1990s, you've heard the phrase Hakuna Matata. The "no worries" mantra was, perhaps, the most popular song from Disney's animated movie The Lion King. Disney brought its beloved movie about a baby lion named Simba who grows up to be king, despite his uncle's attempts to prevent the crown from being placed on his head, so to speak. Simba's rise to his birthright wouldn't have happened without the help of a few friends. The story is only one part of what makes the Lion King an amazing production on stage. Its props, scenery, and high quality acting make this musical a must-see! And, if you've already seen it, you should see it again!

You'll be surprised and awed by the fantastic dancers, lively music and authentic African flare. Allow yourself to be taken on an African adventure in this tale of wonder. Get your Lion King tickets today.

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