The Old 97's

 This Dallas band has been around since 1993 showcasing their unique blend of inspiring lyrics and memorable guitars.  The Old 97's are one of the defining bands of the "Alt-Country" movement and the country music influence can be heard on songs such as "Curtain Calls," and "No Baby I."  This isn't Billy Ray Cyrus or Garth Brooks; however, the 97's have a very lovely understated sound with a sometimes subtle lyrical influence more in line with Woody Guthrie or the Shins.

 A humorous music video to accompany the Old 97's song, "Dance with Me," boosted the band's popularity significantly. The track is heard while a short story is played out involving one man's quest to get an autograph from the beautiful Tricia Helfer from Batttlestar Galactica. The story begins with a bearded man, who can be described as a slob, finding a nightclub where a sensual woman is just out of reach, guarded by a handful of bouncers. The slob then proceeds to take out bouncer after bouncer, on a quest to save the princess. The video culminates with the slob snapping back to reality, and we realize that the entirety of his quest was just his own imagination.

The Old 97's consist of vocalist Rhett Miller, bass guitarist Murry Hammond, lead guitarist Ken Bethea, and drummer Philip Peoples. Much of their music has been left at the wayside, and many people have never even heard of the band. As of late, however, their music has been playing in productions on television and in movies. Such shows as "Veronica Mars" and even "Scrubs" have showcased the Old 97's talents with tracks "Question" and "Adelaide," respectively. 

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